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I know, I know. I haven’t really kept up with the complete name of my blog yet. I mean, with a name like Ladles and High Heels, the content intended is pretty straight forward: it should be about food and fashion. While they are my two favorite things in the world, you have to excuse me. I find it pretty hard to trash the lethargy and actually keep the blog updated.

I will make a promise now. I shall write one post a day and I shall alternate between food and fashion. While the latter is going to prove to be a challenge, I will not quit. The former is an easy route and I am jumping of glee because of that. As I mix Food Network and E! (two channels I am a regular at, being home all the time and all that), lets hope I churn out some readable content. So here is to ladlesandhighheels. Hurray!


Author: vaish

I am a business student, food blogger and mommy to a beautiful little baby girl I lovingly call Kohlrabi (yes, like the veggie). I love vintage fashion, ganache and Ina Garten :)

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