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Do you remember that brunette from the short-lived sci-fi series Roswell? That’s Dr Izzy Stevens, actually known as Katherine Heigl off-screen. Now, you may ask me why I am supplying you with useless trivia that you already know. Let me explain: it took me a couple of episodes when I started watching Grey’s Anatomy to recognize here. I seeked the help of my two virtual Gurus IMDb and Wikipedia and googled her images (stalker alert!).

The brunette had turned Phobe-inspired blond though she retained her innocent looks for the show. I got used to the blond Katherine Heigl as time progressed and actually learned to not get shocked by her constant style issues (many of which did not really do her justice) . Apparently she is not new to startling people with her mane either for at the moment, she is reveling in short locks of the blond kind.

I am generally not a fan of short hair but I must say that she looks chic in it


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I am a business student, food blogger and mommy to a beautiful little baby girl I lovingly call Kohlrabi (yes, like the veggie). I love vintage fashion, ganache and Ina Garten :)

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