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Week Four- Pretzel Me Softly


Nothing goes according to our plans. I don’t know about you, but this rings true in my life. Before I get all philosophical, let me tell you what I am referring to and you would probably boo me out of my blogspace.

Before week four dawned, the mister and I found ourselves at BWI, waiting to board the flight that would take us to Boston and eventually to New Hampshire on out belated anniversary trip. Since the flight was not scheduled for the next two hours, we found ourselves hungry and looking forward to eating something. I can safely say that this is how it works every time we plan a trip: we either think there will be a heavy bout of traffic and rush to the airport only to find ourselves very early or we will be on time and the security check will get done in a jiffy.

Since US airport security has decided that there are only so many times you can ask for a full body scan from apparently questionable passengers (East Indians and such), we sat down at our terminal all hungry. Hunger and Auntie Annie’s goes hand-in-had at our home. Anytime we find ourselves out and suddenly hungry, we search for AA (har

har) on google maps. Personally, apart from loving the yummy soft pretzels they make, I have a secret connection to the place: it was the first American chain I ate at.

So while gobbling up the sour cream and onion pretzel, I had this brilliant epiphany: “I am going to make this my next bread challenge” I exclaimed to a very startled partner. And I followed it through. Hence, Wednesday found my oven rolling again, getting ready to bake soft, flavorful jalapeño pretzels.

Another type of bread, the pretzel is native to Germany. The bread comes in a whole range of shapes, textures and flavors. The hard pretzel is commonly found in snack mixes. Pretzels, in USA, were first made in Philadelphia but slowly spread across the country. The knotty snack follows the same method of fermentation and baking as bread does but the stuffing varies, sometimes sweet, sometimes salty and other times meaty. Mine went Mexican and were super yummy to taste.

The green bits on the pretzel are seeded jalapeño pieces


Author: vaish

I am a business student, food blogger and mommy to a beautiful little baby girl I lovingly call Kohlrabi (yes, like the veggie). I love vintage fashion, ganache and Ina Garten :)

6 thoughts on “Week Four- Pretzel Me Softly

  1. I am reminded of hidden object games. I thought pretzels were sweet.

    • Amma, pretzels also come sweet tasting. They have cream in the middle and a sticky sugar coating that is hard to resist but due to horrifying calorie issues, needs to be given a wide berth.
      I referred to the hidden object games too the first time I saw it 😀

  2. Yo, sista. The pretzs sound good and look yummy. Made me want to lick the screen. But recipe engey?

  3. Jalapenos inside pretzels?! Ought to be Arabized and called Halazels! 😀 looks YUMMM btw Vaish and seriously, these are more like pret-bun-zels, could be full for lunch! I’ve only had the skinny pretzels that are like salt biscuit sticks..

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