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Channeling Vianne Rocher

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These days, even the most casual “So, how is it going?” from friends and acquaintances sets me on a roll, informing them how tedious life is at the moment. I have probably lost a couple of chit-chatters on the way but they will come back. So why has life been ramble-inducing to me, you ask? We are moving, that’s why. DC to Down South we go with our bags, boxes and hopes of experiencing the much-spoken about Southern Hospitality.

So before I go (which is very soon so this might very well be the last post from the East Coast), I wanted to make some simple Thank You gifts for a couple of people we’ve had the pleasure of knowing here. What is better than homemade chocolate? Um, not much. I once watched Ina make chocolates in London on Food Network and I remember coming across something similar on the internet.

The recipe is simple. Melt a packet of chocolate chips (I used Nestle Dark Chocolate), add a tsp of vanilla extract. On a waxpaper (since I have already packed mine away, I had to use an empty Godiva bag), spread Tbsps full of chocolate in a small circle. I topped mine with almonds, walnuts, cashewnuts, dried apricots and currants. You can get creative and add on anything that strikes your fancy… and that includes chewing gum, cereal or even sesame seeds, if you dare.

Refrigerate the rounds for half hour or until the chocolate sets firmly and ta da! You just got ready to throw a party in your mouth. I apologize for the pictures. I was not planning to make this into a blog but since I decided on it at the last moment, I could get only fridge pictures. So bye, y’all and Alabama, here I come!


Author: vaish

I am a business student, food blogger and mommy to a beautiful little baby girl I lovingly call Kohlrabi (yes, like the veggie). I love vintage fashion, ganache and Ina Garten :)

One thought on “Channeling Vianne Rocher

  1. Ha ha! i loveed the last part. Goin’ southern, are we? The chocolates look groovy. Will try out for Jana. G’bye to East Coast of USA.

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