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Canning Virgin: Salsa!


I cannot believe it took me two years to discover canning! I have heard about the concept, the New Jersey aunt does it all the time and I have read on it a lot in Food Network magazine. So this time, when I came across a canning tutorial on Cooking Channel‘s website about, well, canning tomatoes, I knew I had to get started before Fall really strikes. A quick trip to my grocery store yesterday already indicated to me that the mighty fist of Autumn had taken ahold of the country. Tomato prices had gone up, herbs seemed pretty fatigued, the whole of the produce section looked like I do on a coffee-deprived day. So not wanting to waste a minute, I grabbed all the firm tomatoes I could fit into my shopping cart, jumped over the dehydrated spinach section and got home with good albeit a little less shiny veggies.

I was initially planning to make marinara with half the tomatoes and jam with the rest but I finally decided to split them three ways (thanks to canned tomatoes and tomato paste) and start with making salsa. Now, I know most of you have your own method for canning. Those who don’t (like me), have a zillion tutorials on the internet to follow. The salsa, it was my own recipe. Apart from finding out the kind of preservatives people generally use while canning, I left the recipe to my instincts. Thank god I did!

You can prepare the cans your way and make this salsa to fill ’em up.

Spicy Corn Salsa


Five firm Roma tomatoes

One medium-size yellow onion (Red works too)

Half a green pepper

Two Jalapeño peppers, seeded

One head sweet corn de-husked

Four garlic pods

One can black beans (optional. I did not use it but I realized it would have been a great addition after canning)

One tsp salt

One tsp pepper

One pinch chili flakes

Quarter cup apple cider vinegar (you can use white but I just love the taste of apple cider)

Juice from half a lime


Fine chop all the vegetables (including garlic). Add them to a pan along with the corn and the condiments. Let them come to a boil and reduce to low-flame. Let them cook and come together. The water must be all absorbed, the tomatoes must have slightly mushed up (this takes approximately 15 minutes). It is ready for canning.

Wait. What? Did I miss any step? No. It is just that easy!

You could include cilantro too but I generally like garnishing with fresh cilantro while I serve the salsa.

Ps: I am going wild with the new camera here. It has been ages since I clicked pictures with an SLR. Seven years actually. If any of my pictures have no specific focal point or if the depth of field is skewed, go gentle on me. I am still learning 🙂


Author: vaish

I am a business student, food blogger and mommy to a beautiful little baby girl I lovingly call Kohlrabi (yes, like the veggie). I love vintage fashion, ganache and Ina Garten :)

5 thoughts on “Canning Virgin: Salsa!

  1. The New Jersey aunt is excited on being included in the blog. Despite the prejudice, the recipe is good and simple for a time-deprived human like me!

  2. That looks soon good and the pictures arez great too 😉

  3. sorry about the autocorrect madness in my comment 🙂 it was supposed to be a smiley and the rest is evident

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