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Photography Styling Challenge- Morning


I am beside myself with excitement! I have joined a very interesting photography challenge hosted by Redesigned by M and this is my first entry for it. The challenge basically has two objectives (please pardon my academic vocab. Been writing too many assignments!): to develop styling skills for my photo shoots and to get to know my camera better so that I use it to its fullest extent. I got introduced to this challenge by another amazing blogger and supermama, Anjana of At the Corner of Happily Harried so I have to thank her for it.

I wish I could say I have been clicking away happily, preparing for the challenge for the past two weeks, but then, I would be lying. I have been trying to get my never ending load of assignment done before end-of-term exams happen this week and whatever time I have after that has been solely dedicated to my overactive baby girl (who by the way, looooooves chewing on my fingers lately). So I looked at the calendar yesterday, freaked out when I realized that I have done nothing  for the challenge and decided to do the photo shoot early today morning.
morningMy extensive research on Pinterest did not come to my aid because neither does my bedroom have any brilliant morning light pouring through the windows nor does any other part of my house. The balcony, my eternal studio, was my only other option since I was too tired to venture out of the house. And as always, the location did not disappoint.

This particularly helped because according to the rules of this challenge, no editing can be done except for edge cropping and all photographs must be taken within the previous month of submission. You can read more about the challenge here. Although giving my beloved Photoshop a rest was cold, I woke up to the awesome stuff my camera could do. I played around with the aperture, exposure and  ISO, and imagined myself back in my Undergrad class, studying photography with a manual (yes, completely manual) SLR camera that belonged to Appa.

So this entry, as all my entries on my blog are, is about food. I made a quick Microwave Cinnamon Roll Fake-out French Toast and coffee. I will not tell you who had what and what was discarded but the French Toast, which was inspired by a post on Prudentbaby, came out so well! If you need the recipe for my version, give me a holler.
morning2Not the brightest of the pics, no? I guess that’s one of the epiphanies I was supposed to have by doing this challenge. Next month’s theme is  Bedroom. Hey, do any of you good people want to rent me your bedroom for one morning or do I have to bite the bullet and clean mine?!

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Author: vaish

I am a business student, food blogger and mommy to a beautiful little baby girl I lovingly call Kohlrabi (yes, like the veggie). I love vintage fashion, ganache and Ina Garten :)

16 thoughts on “Photography Styling Challenge- Morning

  1. Lookin’ good, V! I love that background, what is it? Stone? Wood? Oh, and you realize that now that you’ve come up with amazing looking pics after NO Photoshop, this means you have to stop trying to pass yourself off as having no photography skills, right? 😀 And btw, as a nalla Tamizh ponnu, shouldn’t you be featuring filter coffee in tumbler-dabara, crisp dosai, mallipoo and kolam? ;P Give that hand-chewer my lowe. All the best with the challenge! ❤

    • It is wood, Jan. I do have a loooong way to go PSD-free but I am trying to get there soon. I was too lazy to make Dosai and filter coffee but it will happen soon! 🙂

  2. Great to see your first challenge entry, Vaishnavi. Welcome! And thanks for all the not-so-subtle references to my super powers. Sheesh! Didn’t think anyone noticed 😉
    So, I actually like the second pic better (though it looks less brighter). I love that you switched out the black cups. They were kind of screaming for attention in the first pic, instead of creating a cohesive look.
    And by the way, I am kind of dreading the bedroom shoot too!

  3. Jan is right. Look how lovely your snap looks even without photoshopping!

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  5. One more thing, Vaish. Please link to Inge Kathleen Photography blog in your post too –

  6. Welcome to your first challenge, Vaishnavi! I hope you had fun with it!

    I love both photos that you presented, although I would say the first one particularly speaks more to me. I really like the overhead angle that you shot, although, like Anjana mentioned, it would have been a much cohesive and stronger photo had the mugs been white. The second photo is great, but I wonder how it would have looked if the flowers were pushed into the background off to the right hand corner and the two sets of ramekins and mugs were separated a bit more so your focus was more on the one set and the other set could be off to the side in the background a bit. Did you play with that set up in your photo shoot?

    I agree with everyone that you don’t need Photoshop! You’ve done a great job with the white balance. And it’ll save yo uber amounts of time in post-editing. Also, as a side: there is no rule that the photos have to be shot the month prior to submission… they just need to have been shot after the start of the challenge, which was in June or whenever you started your participation. Meaning, in the future, you could shoot for a concept tomorrow that you don’t have to post until January. This was created so that participants weren’t using old photographs to post, but also should you feel inspired to shoot something in that theme, you should be allowed to strike on that inspiration.

    I, too, will need to rent out a bedroom… although I would prefer an empty room so I can paint and decorate it as I please. Email me if there are any takers. 😉

    Great work! Look forward to seeing more. ~M.

    • Gotcha, M!
      As for the flowers, sigh, it is a looooong story! I seldom buy flowers because, for reasons beyond my comprehension, they are freakin’ expensive in the south. I bought em for this Indian festival we had at home and being the greedy blogger that I am, decided to save a bunch for my shoot. So the flowers ultimately took over my shoot! I should have been sensible and tried rearranging. I really did learn something from this challenge… and from all your wonderful feedback 🙂

      • Don’t apologize for putting the flowers in! I think the flowers add a very nice touch and I should only be so lucky to have fresh flowers in my house (I never bother to keep them looking good while they’re alive). It’s so interesting how the camera captures things differently from how our eyes see them!

  7. Hi, V! Welcome to the challenge! I very much like the second photograph. I think switching out the black cups was a good move. I winder if you tried putting the flowers in the background so they blurred a bit? I wonder if it would have given a bit more room to breathe? Wonderful job and I can’t wait to see your submissions going forward!

    • Thank you for the feedback, Alison! I should remember that one can never go wrong with going all white and keeping the color for the background (there by making the DoF more interesting)
      The flowers do seem to be everyone’s pet peeve on my post! 😀 And a mistake I hope I never make!! 🙂

  8. Welcome to the challenge 🙂 I think my favorite is the second one too. Like the others I really like the cups and matching saucers. Also one thing to brighten up the breakfast would be to put a few berries on top of the french toast or perhaps remove the flower vase and put a flower on top of the french toast and take a close up of the food w/garnished floor and have the coffee blurred in the background.

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