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Photography Styling Challenge- Fashion

fashion4I thought I was setting myself up for failure with this month’s styling challenge topic, Fashion. Although I am not all the way up there with couture and all the trend there is to keep up with, I can claim one thing with a clear conscience- I am not all that oblivious either. But styling for a full post that is going to revolve around that seven-lettered word intimidated me. I am not lying when I say that I started mulling over this concept since the February edition of PSC went up.

The first thing I decided on was my muse. Now, I know. A muse should come to you, you don’t get to make that choice. But mine is a very awkward, very shy model and I had to coax, threaten (which bordered on abuse) and bribe him with Thai Red Curry to agree. So after blackmailing him for a few days, the hub-man finally gave in. There was only one problem- he couldn’t care less about fashion. He is oblivious to trends (why shouldn’t he be?) and if it wasn’t for me, his wardrobe would be full of clothes that fall under one of the four color categories- black, white, grey and blue. Although he does end up looking good in what he wears most of the times, I am a color person.
fashion2We had a couple of beautiful days last weekend, thank you, Alabama. So we made the most of the Saturday by going to the park. Apart from getting wonderful shots of Little Miss Bee, I managed to get satisfactory shots of my muse flaunting his shades. I admit that this shoot bordered on minimalism- no extra props and all that- but it came out better than we feared it would. I had to catch Kishore unawares a couple of times but I ended up with good pics.
fashionfashion3I always knew that we were an awesome team! ūüôā

Ps: my hovering image probably killed the first picture. I must learn to fade out of my pictures while shooting shiny stuff.

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Poster Post

This is just a quick post before my conscience realizes that I am Photoshopping instead of studying. I found this beautiful vintage poster of classic pastries on a random Google image search and couldn’t help but share it. Since I was not able to find a bigger image, I had to download it from a website and edit it all by myself.

First, I had to erase the watermarks. And then, I had to increase the resolution, make the text readable and finally color-correct the poster. The project took me two solid hours (with Say Yes to the Dress running in the background. Yes, it is my guilty pleasure) During the whole process, I was thinking to myself that replicating the poster with my own images would have taken up lesser time but that would have been a crime. As a lover of French pastries and vintage fashion, I just had to go through the process.

This poster gave me an idea for a project: make all of these goodies over the next year. What fun!

I just finished it and am putting it up here to share. If you need the high-resolution version, just comment on this post or mail me. Happy Weekend, y’all!

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Summer, don’t go!

Dregs of Summer fading on my window...

Summer has not even decided to call it quits but I am already lamenting its end. The end of the season means more than low temperature. I dread the inevitable closet call I need to make. Remember the times when we did not have to worry about updating our wardrobe seasonally? Those days have passed for me.

When Spring dawned, bright and balmy this year, I uttered nothing less than an ecstatic shriek and packed my woolies in a drawer far, far away. I am pretty sure they smirked, obviously aware that I have to fall back on them… eventually. Spring passed, so did Summer, with me happily basking in the glory of tanks and shorts. While people cribbed about the hellish DC weather, I sang happily and ran around, savoring it. But who knew my tryst with the sun would end soon!

We are not done with the sunniness though. But I am a person of melodrama and pessimism. Hence, I moan though the weather people promise us at least a month more of this brilliance. Personally, hate layering. I admit that it seemed very exciting last year when it was all new and novel to me but the ordeal of packing my cottons and taking an inventory of things I have and need to buy is making me pretty dizzy here.

I comfort myself by thinking about the retail therapy it would involve. Until then, let me enjoy the sun while it lasts…

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What SATC taught us… a girl fights to defend:

Yeah yeah, I’ve heard it a million times from men specifically. Watching Carrie and her friends on Sex and the City is mind numbing. I’ve even heard ridiculous declarations like the show is actually soft porn for women. Guys, open your eyes and admit. You have no clue why we watch it. To you, the dialogues and those (rare) sex scenes spell kinky but we seldom get our jollies from the show. I could argue, you could roll your eyes and give me that sarcastic smile so let me cut to the chase and put our reasons for loving the show down in points.

1. You meet a lot of shmucks: wrong men, stupid men, chauvinistic men. The road is a therapy, you learn your lessons, make more mistakes and move the hell on. This is why we cry every time Carrie breaks up with Big and when Samantha said good-bye to Richard.

2. Chicks before d!@#$: yes, this is the retort for your crazy “Bros before hoes”. We women don’t consider every other member of our sex a threat, as is the belief. We fall back on each other like Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha do and befriend a random stranger in the restroom.

3. We are always on the search: call us desperate but take a look at the mirror first. Love is ultimately what we need. The column Sex and the City is exactly about that. We may be from a traditional or a fast-forward country and our tactics may vary but we are constantly looking for love. It took Miranda five years to realize she is in love with Steve, it may take us a gazillion more but we will reach there.

4. New York, New York: the city holds our hearts. NYC, when we refer to it, may not mean that city by Hudson but the city we grew up in. Whatever it is, we are city girls. Nothing, not even a bare-chested Ryan Raynolds, can lure us away from it.

5. We heart shoes: no matter what, we strongly believe that a brisk walk to our favorite shoe store can cure even the most monstrous pitfalls. Remember how Charlotte had to literally go into therapy after befriending that shoe store guy? Hey, bankruptcy didn’t cure us, I don’t think you staring at our shoe closet with a stern headmaster frown will.

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Hair issues

Do you remember that brunette from the short-lived sci-fi series Roswell? That’s Dr Izzy Stevens, actually known as Katherine Heigl off-screen. Now, you may ask me why I am supplying you with useless trivia that you already know. Let me explain: it took me a couple of episodes when I started watching Grey’s Anatomy to recognize here. I seeked the help of my two virtual Gurus IMDb and Wikipedia and googled her images (stalker alert!).

The brunette had turned Phobe-inspired blond though she retained her innocent looks for the show. I got used to the blond Katherine Heigl as time progressed and actually learned to not get shocked by her constant style issues (many of which did not really do her justice) . Apparently she is not new to startling people with her mane either for at the moment, she is reveling in short locks of the blond kind.

I am generally not a fan of short hair but I must say that she looks chic in it


A fat girl confession

Lets admit it. 90% the world’s population wants to be thin. The ramp walkers to women on infomercials, they all look slim, wear their clothes well and don’t wonder about that extra pound of muffin waist sticking out. No wonder, beauty and clothing lines go huge on corsets and angled cuts to give the illusion of being thin.

I have always been on the plump side all my life. While I did look cute as a little kid, with rosy cheeks and pudgy baby fingers, I had a very difficult time coming to terms with my size. Being surrounded by skinny friends did not make me feel any better. While I used to spend more than half hour into picking my clothes and trying them on just to make sure I don’t look like a cup cake, I thought my friends had it easy. I have always been a perfectionist when we talk about dressing.

I have my own sense of style and I have my clothes fit me right, hence the extra minutes I spent at dressing up did not bother me. There was a short period in my life when I did lose a lot of weight and got to a size I not only loved but also felt sexy in. Gymming or other modes of working out did not do the trick. I fell ill. My medications curbed my appetite and hence helped me shed my pounds fast.¬† What did disturb me was the way people I know emphasized on their belief that I looked better chubby.May be¬† I do, I still don’t really know. And fashion is supposed to have made things easy for people like me.

There is a whole range of options for plus sized women and there are those easy ways out like cuts, colors and size of prints on clothes. While we do embrace these trends with open arms and try to incorporate them into our shopping escapades, some people, like me, do still wish for slimmer waists and thinner arms. What is it that makes us desire those <5 sizes? It cannot just be those models on the ramps, print advertisements and actresses at awards. It cannot be the lack of choice is clothing, if Dressbarn is anything to go by (the website sucks but the stores are awesome)

I know, I know, I am far away from the whole plus size phase of life, measuring 8/10 dress-wise. But does it mean I can’t feel huge?