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So here is a page completely dedicated to my little helpers who keep me inspired, my kitchen busy and a couple of stomachs rumbling all the way!

1. She introduced Tam-Brahm cooking to me and taught me the actual process of making decent Sambar to save myself when Amma was away on a trip. Introducing Andu Paati’s Cookbook. Printed here, inside the book are a whole range of Tam-Brahm Iyengar (do google!) and not so South Indian dishes that are sure to send one into a homemade food overload. To try: her Sambar, Adai (chickpea pancake) and chips.

2. She is the mommy of all food Indian and has a fan-base that spans around the globe. I even saw one of her books in Target long back. Introducing Tarla Dalal and her little book of introduction to Punjabi cooking, Punjabi Khana. It came as a wedding gift and going by the food smudges the book has taken, it is safe to say that I have used it. A lot. To try: Punjabi Khadi and a whole range of Paranthas.

3. I was introduced to Mallika Badrinath by, lets see, every cook in my house. She is the author of hundreds of cookbooks and my most favorite are 100 Rice Delights and 100 Vegetarian Gravies, both of them a gift from my mum (they are her favorites too). She is popular for an eclectic mix of Indian cuisines and thank god for that! Must try from her books: Everything that catches your fancy!

Ongoing Projects:

1. During my trip to India, I found a dusty book lying on top of the dining room breakfront. I would probably have missed it but thanks to my jet lag induced excitement, I pounced upon it like a very curious kitty and life has been more delicious since. It was a twelve-year old cookbook called Vegetarian Creations and contained hundreds of vegetarian recipes from across the globe.

Here is a bit of crazy family history: My mother and my sister got me this book in 1999 when they visited a bookstore’s clearance sale. We skimmed through the pages of the book a couple of times, not knowing what the terms preheat, vinaigrette or pancakes meant, got tired of it and stuffed it into the nearest bookshelf, only to lug it around during our frequent shifting. But surprisingly, for twelve years and after continuous insistence from yours truly to throw the book away, my mother had managed to save it up for “future use”. Thank you, fate!

5. This was a gift from my sister, again on my trip to India. She is one of those people who follows my blog and this time when I visited her in Bangalore, she gifted me with this very special book. I am yet to try the yummy recipes this book contains and when I do, the post will have a Sarayu Akka tag on it, a little thank you gift.


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  2. This was real interesting read, Vaish.

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