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Anniversary Surprises and a Brownie

So the calendar informed me that we’ve been married for a year. I wish I could contradict that by claiming temporary amnesia   but there, the verdict has been declared. Though hurricane Irene played a havoc with the Mister’s surprise plans phase 2 and 3 (which he still hasn’t disclosed to me), we sure had an awesome lunch at Mie N Yu in the District.

As for the gifts, I got a huge bag of baking goodies: a set of 3 spring foam pans, a lush brownie pan and a set of shiny wall decals. The man, I admit, sure knows his audience and he also know how to get assured returns from his investments. Why, you ask me? Well, after bidding good-bye to Irene and reveling in a day of beautiful sunshine and breeze, I broke into my brownie pan, unable to resist the temptation.

My initial plan was to make Ina’s Outrageous Brownies, a universal favorite here in the pad. I first made it when our cousin came to spend a week with us this summer and she made washing up a mighty easy job by licking the bowl, ladle and the cups clean. Today the hubby took over the job and I finished making the brownie.

Soft chocolate, with a hint of vanilla and coffee and a crunch of half-melted chocolate-chips, Ina has done good stuff to the spirit of chocolate and caffeine lovers everywhere. I managed to click pictures before we gobbled up a couple of pieces jealously.

Since I got the recipe from (no, I did not copy that from the address bar, I have the link memorized), I am not going to plagiarize or even reproduce it with a courtesy tag. To make things easier, I have linked it to the post. My last Gyan would be this: if you are a wannabe baker like I am, you’ve gotta try this out.

Magic brownie pan or not, Ina’s recipe is unrivaled!



A Year Full Of Wisdom-ish

As I contemplated what I could write about to add a little bit of dry humor to your day, I stumbled upon the title first. Some writers tell me that they make up a title before they decide on a topic but being the humble writer that I am, I have found that impossible… until now. After deciding whether it should be A or An, I moved on to what is going to be my second post this week.

So like I’ve been telling every single person who would stop and listen to me, it is going to be a landmark year in my wedded life soon: The Big One. Yes, though I basked in the glory of being a newly wed, I am kind of relieved, for what I call the year of surprises, is ending. As the calendar rolled, I learned a few tricks a person should learn about dealing with their other (obscure) half. I got pretty creative, no doubt, and used a few under-the-table tricks too but apart from the very disapproving housewife, I don’t see anyone else frowning on me. So here goes…

1. I have learned to be subtle. Blatantly telling a man what he needs to do only makes him as indignant as my dear dog Rover. If you layer it with reasoning and humor, he will see your point.

2. Never disclose your budget. If you spend even a cent more than you decided to, it will become his favorite family story for the years to come. How does he care if you can live healthier for a dollar more? Stealth: this is how.

3. Tell him he needs to shave and get a hair cut. Unless you are in love with the hilly-billy part of him, you need to emphasize on them, every month.

4. Don’t give up every time. Or don’t let him give up every time. He either thinks you are a doormat or selfish: two unattractive opinions for anyone to have on you.

5. Leave that saintly attitude out of the door. Really, this is not a church.

6. Make him read what you write, see what you paint and listen to what you create. Mine has the literary interest of an 8-year-old (he reads only Tinkle!) but I make sure he reads my blogs once in a while.

7. Deal with toilet seat issues. He leaves it up? Leave the seat and the cover down every time you go in. That will really reform him.

8. Get a detailed feedback about everything you cook. Chances are he will crib.Don’t bother, how else will you get better?

9. Make combined projects. We are making a random lamp together. It is fun!

10. Laugh. Hard. When we have a serious roadblock, we discuss it, look for a result or sit on it and later make a joke out of it. The problem doesn’t go away but it makes us feel it is not unsolvable. That easy!

PS: I broke my project rules by not publishing for two days. But I picked the most difficult week to go on it. I shall prevail!