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Chocolate Ganache Love

Last Thursday seemed to be the most fitting time to make a gourmet cake. What with the Mister’s birthday coming up the next day and all that, baking a cake seemed to be entwined with my kitchen’s fate. I had shopped the day before, completely stocked my baking pantry with all the goodies needed for the treat.

I had picked the recipe a month ago during a random dessert-lust browsing session: the idea was to make an ultimate chocolate haze cake with ganache icing. My recipe required a shocking amount of chocolate flavoring: cocoa, chocolate chips, coffee granules and vanilla essence. The idea was to go all out on the cake, not sparing or settling. My springform pan 9 1/2 came to my aid and I had the stage all set.

The recipe called for the usuals: flour, cocoa, chocolate chips, coffee, butter, baking soda, salt and the not so usuals: brown sugar, vinegar, sour cream. I even had the icing ready. Since it was a birthday cake, I had to bake it in two pans and then put them one on top of the other with the icing. After a bit of struggle, I ended up with two moist, crumbly, rich cakes. Slather on the icing I did and a few messy minutes later, I was left with a soggy birthday cake that moved me to helpless tears.

Since I was not ready to give up on it yet, I transferred it on to the pastry dish, put on the lid, dumped it in the fridge and tried to forget about it for the next couple of hours. The result: beautifully set, wonderful Extreme Chocolate cake with Ganache Icing. Seriously hazardous to your waistline, but sinfully yummy.