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Photography Styling Challenge- Bedroom

BedroomI cannot believe I missed the due date of this month’s styling challenge entry. Especially since I finished the photoshoot a couple of weeks ago, a rare occurrence for someone who mulls over things and rushes ahead on full throttle at the very last darn minute!  The last week was pretty busy and dull- my mom flew back to India after six whole months of living with us.

I was not ready to bid her good-bye, of course. But it was an inevitable task. *Sinff*

This means that I am home alone with Aarabhi and have to manage her all by myself. Have you ever heard of the parent being freakishly scared of the baby? I am. But I am positive that we will ease into the situation and love all the mom-baby time we get in the next week. Anyway, back to the challenge.

My bedroom lacks style. Apart from indulging in beautiful shades from FabIndia, we had hardly done anything to it until early this year, when I was eight months pregnant. Since the baby was going to sleep in our room ( we have only one guest bedroom to spare and I felt that letting a newborn sleep in a designated nursery sounded creepy), we had to create a special corner for her crib and all the other stuff that come with bringing up a child. So our room went from being bare to cramped within the matter of days!

Strangely, I fell in love with the end result which was a colorful, tropical paradise for kids, complete with wall decals, framed illustrations with Aarabhi’s name in it (handmade my her mommy), a beautiful crib and crib linen, both gifts from people we hold very close to our heart.
Bedroom4Bedroom3I clicked all the pictures in morning light. Since our bedroom is east-facing, a curse on summer mornings but otherwise a wonderful blessing, I got ample light. So much light that I got a shock after clicking my first picture, the one with the two little teddy bears. The white balance seemed slightly on the higher side. So I had to partially close the shades and go about clicking because I wanted my pictures to reflect the cozy-lazy morning we were having in the household. Last but not the least, here is my most favorite photograph of all…
Bedroom2I am probably partial towards it because it has Aarabhi’s feet in it. Aww, look at those tiny little feet!

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