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Channeling Vianne Rocher

These days, even the most casual “So, how is it going?” from friends and acquaintances sets me on a roll, informing them how tedious life is at the moment. I have probably lost a couple of chit-chatters on the way but they will come back. So why has life been ramble-inducing to me, you ask? We are moving, that’s why. DC to Down South we go with our bags, boxes and hopes of experiencing the much-spoken about Southern Hospitality.

So before I go (which is very soon so this might very well be the last post from the East Coast), I wanted to make some simple Thank You gifts for a couple of people we’ve had the pleasure of knowing here. What is better than homemade chocolate? Um, not much. I once watched Ina make chocolates in London on Food Network and I remember coming across something similar on the internet.

The recipe is simple. Melt a packet of chocolate chips (I used Nestle Dark Chocolate), add a tsp of vanilla extract. On a waxpaper (since I have already packed mine away, I had to use an empty Godiva bag), spread Tbsps full of chocolate in a small circle. I topped mine with almonds, walnuts, cashewnuts, dried apricots and currants. You can get creative and add on anything that strikes your fancy… and that includes chewing gum, cereal or even sesame seeds, if you dare.

Refrigerate the rounds for half hour or until the chocolate sets firmly and ta da! You just got ready to throw a party in your mouth. I apologize for the pictures. I was not planning to make this into a blog but since I decided on it at the last moment, I could get only fridge pictures. So bye, y’all and Alabama, here I come!



Summer, don’t go!

Dregs of Summer fading on my window...

Summer has not even decided to call it quits but I am already lamenting its end. The end of the season means more than low temperature. I dread the inevitable closet call I need to make. Remember the times when we did not have to worry about updating our wardrobe seasonally? Those days have passed for me.

When Spring dawned, bright and balmy this year, I uttered nothing less than an ecstatic shriek and packed my woolies in a drawer far, far away. I am pretty sure they smirked, obviously aware that I have to fall back on them… eventually. Spring passed, so did Summer, with me happily basking in the glory of tanks and shorts. While people cribbed about the hellish DC weather, I sang happily and ran around, savoring it. But who knew my tryst with the sun would end soon!

We are not done with the sunniness though. But I am a person of melodrama and pessimism. Hence, I moan though the weather people promise us at least a month more of this brilliance. Personally, hate layering. I admit that it seemed very exciting last year when it was all new and novel to me but the ordeal of packing my cottons and taking an inventory of things I have and need to buy is making me pretty dizzy here.

I comfort myself by thinking about the retail therapy it would involve. Until then, let me enjoy the sun while it lasts…


The Crazy Boredom Nook

Boredom interests me. I know it is an oxymoron-ish sentence but it does. It works out best in my life because, you know, my situation calls for a lot of patience and, well, professional dormancy. Before I go on and on about this already over-spoken about situation, let me explain.

I look for projects, well and badly executed, around the house. My single living companion, apart from the mister, Frodo was a project who happens to be thriving, thank you very much. The DC sun has agreed with him (one of those few people who is happy with the 116 F) wonderfully. While he basked in the sunshine and Brita cleansed H2O, I went around the house looking for something to change, to make interesting. I stumbled upon that one place I camp at the most, the living room.

Now, constantly tuning into HGTV has its own advantages. While I did know that clutter is not a decent way of life, I learned that design has no sane boundaries. So yesterday, after a very boring weekend, down came the decorative shelves and out came the potpourri and random trinkets. The man of the house objected to the feminine touch but I slily sent him back to his SkyDesi haven after he swapped our living room and bedroom lighting.

The situation right now is a bit of a mess while I figure out the changes but then, I am hoping to end up with a Zen inspired living space that we can both enjoy while watching, what else, Two and a Half Men. For now, I have my awesome lights for company. What else do I really need?

My Bright Friend


H4 on my mind

Back home, we were living people, not just an alpha-numeric visa-code put together. We had lives, we had education and professions that kept us on our toes. We had dreams of feeling worthy all the time while keeping in sync with the social demands. Perhaps that’s what found us open to marriage and family duties. Not all of us seeked out NRI men from the USA but out of love, commitment and sometimes pressure, we signed up for the ride.

People back home judge us. They think it was our wild dream to live in the land of a million opportunities and we took the easy way out by getting married to a semi-Americanised, big brand wearing professional. Oh, they would be surprised when they toss the coin and notice the other side. As I said, we had a fulfilling life back at home and if we had had a choice to be married to the same man and live on in our motherland, we would have agreed to it only readily.

Instead, we have a H4 prefixed to our identity and spend our daytime surfing between Food Network and brushing off dust from the coffee table. We are far away from our indulgent parents and parents-in-law who are either waiting to dote on us or preparing to criticize us. And amidst all the transition, we wonder why our identities ditched us in the cold.

The climate is another thing. We hate the cold, we just try to convince ourselves that wearing a coat and slipping on those boots were our longtime dream. We fool ourselves into thinking that New Delhi is nearly as cold as Washington DC  in winter and that the eclectic cuisines are hard to come across in India. We put our country down ignorantly while we know somewhere in our sub-conscience that we do that only to make ourselves feel better.

We know our next generation has a beautiful future in India, that the country is developing. In fact, for some reason, that is the only thing on my mind when I try to toss a Rava Dosa on a flat Dosa Tawa (instead of the concave one I am used to back at home). Yet we hold on, for we are strong, we are married and we have wonderful men who come home to us every evening with stories about Mandys, Sallys and Peters. We may still be looking for our identity, scouring in search of that one soul who would have a big enough heart to give us at least an internship while we try our best to ignore the judgmental comments from our India-based friends.

We try to believe it is worth all the mental strain. If it is worth it…

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Call me delusional but I can hear my invisible audience laughing. Laughing hysterically at my total lack of ability to keep up my resolution. I did say I was going to write everyday, but in my defense, I have been swamped with other things like viral infections and non-blog writing.

The Atlanta trip was lovely, met friends, had cake, partied toddler style and ended up in Dulles very late on Sunday night to be greeted by incessant rains. The husband fell ill immediately (talk about weak resistance!) and I was busy pampering him for nearly a week. He is up and active now, thanks for asking.

But now, I am back on track, ready to write and give you, my invisible lovelies, something to scroll through. How does that sound?