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Pumpkin Pie Spice and Pumpkin Spice Latte

If you have been following the fan page on Facebook, you would be very aware of the fact that I am obsessed with pumpkin at the moment. It is as much a fall thing as it is my personal palate thing. Although I am pretty late getting into this pumpkin everything game, I can tell you that I am fully committed. In fact, I took a pledge to get out there and try everything there is to try with pumpkin! Now, my house plays host to the spicy sweet fragrance of a pumpkin-spice candle and it is only the beginning. So before I begin to tell you about the goings on in my pumpkin perfumed home, let me paint you a picture about the first time I tried this wonderful warm flavor that has become the fall colors equivalent of the culinary world:
Pumpkin spice mixIt was a warm (what else did you expect from the south?) fall day in 2013, we hit the park with a surprisingly cheerful four month old. After walking for a bit, Kishore, Amma and I decided to go to Dunkin’ Donuts because Amma needed  to taste a proper donut, the American pride. Krispy Kreme was out of question because, well, it was further away compared to DD. I decided to bring fall into my tall glass of cold latte and opted for the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Needless to say, I was hooked proper for not even a crying baby could pry me away from my latte. And thus began my experiments with commercially made pumpkin latte. I tasted it in Starbucks, the official home of the PSL; I had it at Einstein Bros Bagel (aka, my favorite spot at college) and then some more at DD.

Although Starbucks does make the best PSL, I, like a good (erm, the jury is still out on that!) enthusiastic blogger, just had to try my hands at making some. So before I began the experim-erm-cooking, I had to find some spice mix. So instead of buying a box, I decided to make mine. I mean, there are a zillion blogs out there that give you the recipe. You must be cuckoo to actually go out and buy that stuff!

My favorite recipe is from The Kitchn and it is perfect as it is. But the mix is so accommodating that you can play around with the quantity of the spices and personalize it according to your preference. The one advantage of running a predominantly Indian kitchen is how easily available each of these spices are. My pantry already had ground ginger (also called Sukku Podi in Tamil), ground cinnamon, ground clove, all-spice powder, ground nutmeg and mace! Talk about luck and the lack of need to substitute with some random spice!
Pumpkin spice mix2 Thus the pumpkin spice was born, the primary reason I ditched my boring old coffee this morning and whipped up some pumpkin spiced latte (with ice, of course!). Since a few of my friends and faithful fan page followers (hem-hem, take the cue, people, and go like it!) asked for the recipe, I decided to put it up here. I adopted it from The Kitchn‘s recipe but made quite a few alterations to suit my taste.
Pumpkin spice lattePumpkin Spice Latte

Two Tbsp mashed pumpkin (I used it off a can)

One tsp pumpkin spice mix (and more for sprinkling)

Two Tbsp sugar

One cup milk

Half cup ice cubes

One Tbsp vanilla essence

One tsp instant coffee powder (I used Nestcafe Clasico but you can actually brew your coffee with water and freeze it in an ice tray. Just eliminate the ice in that case)

Whipped cream (optional, I didn’t use it)

Place the mashed pumpkin and the spice mix in a saute pan and cook them for a couple of minutes. However, I skipped this step and didn’t think it made a difference to the taste. Pour all the other ingredients into a blender. Add in the pumpkin mix. Process until the ice is crushed and the latte turns frothy. Transfer to a glass and enjoy the pumpkin-y goodness all season long!

Mmm, don’t mind if I do!

Ps: So about the spice bottle- I’ve been getting questioned about it. Although I haven’t branched into commercially producing spice mixes, I do have future plans to. I have a store on but don’t search for it since it has literally nothing in it. I have stowed the idea away for the future when my schedule is slightly free and I don’t have to bend over backwards to get my very basic-daily chores done (I hear laughing in my head).



Canning Virgin: Salsa!

I cannot believe it took me two years to discover canning! I have heard about the concept, the New Jersey aunt does it all the time and I have read on it a lot in Food Network magazine. So this time, when I came across a canning tutorial on Cooking Channel‘s website about, well, canning tomatoes, I knew I had to get started before Fall really strikes. A quick trip to my grocery store yesterday already indicated to me that the mighty fist of Autumn had taken ahold of the country. Tomato prices had gone up, herbs seemed pretty fatigued, the whole of the produce section looked like I do on a coffee-deprived day. So not wanting to waste a minute, I grabbed all the firm tomatoes I could fit into my shopping cart, jumped over the dehydrated spinach section and got home with good albeit a little less shiny veggies.

I was initially planning to make marinara with half the tomatoes and jam with the rest but I finally decided to split them three ways (thanks to canned tomatoes and tomato paste) and start with making salsa. Now, I know most of you have your own method for canning. Those who don’t (like me), have a zillion tutorials on the internet to follow. The salsa, it was my own recipe. Apart from finding out the kind of preservatives people generally use while canning, I left the recipe to my instincts. Thank god I did!

You can prepare the cans your way and make this salsa to fill ’em up.

Spicy Corn Salsa


Five firm Roma tomatoes

One medium-size yellow onion (Red works too)

Half a green pepper

Two Jalapeño peppers, seeded

One head sweet corn de-husked

Four garlic pods

One can black beans (optional. I did not use it but I realized it would have been a great addition after canning)

One tsp salt

One tsp pepper

One pinch chili flakes

Quarter cup apple cider vinegar (you can use white but I just love the taste of apple cider)

Juice from half a lime


Fine chop all the vegetables (including garlic). Add them to a pan along with the corn and the condiments. Let them come to a boil and reduce to low-flame. Let them cook and come together. The water must be all absorbed, the tomatoes must have slightly mushed up (this takes approximately 15 minutes). It is ready for canning.

Wait. What? Did I miss any step? No. It is just that easy!

You could include cilantro too but I generally like garnishing with fresh cilantro while I serve the salsa.

Ps: I am going wild with the new camera here. It has been ages since I clicked pictures with an SLR. Seven years actually. If any of my pictures have no specific focal point or if the depth of field is skewed, go gentle on me. I am still learning 🙂