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Birthday Means Cake

Yep, it is that time of the year when I make chocolate cake with shameless abandon- the hub’s birthday. If you have been keeping up with this blog since 2011, you would see the pattern here. I am a sucker for chocolate cake. I also feel that no other flavor of cake is worth making so I generally refrain from it. This time, I decided to make Kishore’s favorite cookie ever in cake form, the Oreo. When I say favorite, I am probably understating his love for Oreos because not only does he have the capacity to empty a whole carton of Oreos in one sitting but he also orders milkshakes and ice creams in the flavor. At the make your own froyo bar, he will replicate the Oreo with freaky precision and a madcap glee in his eyes.

So to make sure he really did have a wonderful birthday, I decided that this was it. The bottom is a devil’s food cake that was made from scratch at home and it has two kinds of frosting: the cream cheese OD’d on crumbled Oreo cookies that was used as the filler and the frosting, and the chocolate ganache slathered on the sides. We cut the cake last evening and I can tell you that he will be in serious Oreo heaven for a long time to come. The recipe is from Kraft’s website which I modified a little and it has five star reviews from around 700 people. Do I need to say more?!

Happy Birthday, honey, and for your sanity’s sake (and mine), may the world never run out of Oreos!
Oreo cake



Why I would never be a baker


The case in point is the reason why I would never be a baker or a pastry chef. Reasons: I have shaky hands, no patience and I would never acquire the talent a baker needs. Why? Lets go back to the second reason. I have no patience. My patience spans until I take the cake out of the oven and it comes to an abrupt standstill. I love slathering on the icing and making sure I get to those nooks and crannies but that’s it.

Anyway, as I had mentioned earlier, this is my third chocolate cake on this blog. And the second with ganache frosting. But this time, I made it to give away. In my opinion (and I formed this after tasting a mere sliver when my hostess served it this afternoon) it was a tad too sweet. But K disagrees.

Ah, this brings us to the million dollar question: was it for a Superbowl party? Nope. Sadly not. Well, I could pretend it was a domestic tailgate for a bunch of us Desis at one of our friends’ place where we ate, played and caught up with each other. But strike 6pm, we made our way back home, settled with a bowl of guac and oven-baked corn chips and watched the Baltimore Ravens take the trophy home. Go, Ravens! We love you.

To top all this craziness, I did not get a decent picture of the cake (unless you would consider an Instagram click). Poor baby. Let’s hope for a better week (methinks that’s not going to be possible for me. There! I have spread my optimism for the week). Have a wonderful one!


Chocolate Ganache Love

Last Thursday seemed to be the most fitting time to make a gourmet cake. What with the Mister’s birthday coming up the next day and all that, baking a cake seemed to be entwined with my kitchen’s fate. I had shopped the day before, completely stocked my baking pantry with all the goodies needed for the treat.

I had picked the recipe a month ago during a random dessert-lust browsing session: the idea was to make an ultimate chocolate haze cake with ganache icing. My recipe required a shocking amount of chocolate flavoring: cocoa, chocolate chips, coffee granules and vanilla essence. The idea was to go all out on the cake, not sparing or settling. My springform pan 9 1/2 came to my aid and I had the stage all set.

The recipe called for the usuals: flour, cocoa, chocolate chips, coffee, butter, baking soda, salt and the not so usuals: brown sugar, vinegar, sour cream. I even had the icing ready. Since it was a birthday cake, I had to bake it in two pans and then put them one on top of the other with the icing. After a bit of struggle, I ended up with two moist, crumbly, rich cakes. Slather on the icing I did and a few messy minutes later, I was left with a soggy birthday cake that moved me to helpless tears.

Since I was not ready to give up on it yet, I transferred it on to the pastry dish, put on the lid, dumped it in the fridge and tried to forget about it for the next couple of hours. The result: beautifully set, wonderful Extreme Chocolate cake with Ganache Icing. Seriously hazardous to your waistline, but sinfully yummy.