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Conversations in the Dark

Lights hold a magical place in my heart. I have been fascinated for a long time by the mere physics of light and how it can transform any space into an epitome of sophistication. Though I did not understand its importance while studying photography, I appreciated light later on when my sister started clicking photos. I studied the way a smile can be transformed from mystery to carefree with a little tweak in light.

Later on, as I tried my hand at redoing my room back home, I made peace with the fact that my sassy pad needed at least one awesome light spot. Thus, my corridor came into being, with a tiny spotlight to spread a golden glow across a small, low ceiling stretch.

It is perhaps only because of lights that I found a deep love for terracotta. This traditional form of molding boasts specifically of beautiful pieces of table lamps and ceiling domes. And it is, indeed lights that brought me to lighting candles, sitting by them and making finger patterns.

I knew long ago that when I live in a house of my own, I will ditch the sterile tube lights and surround myself with pretty lamps and conversation pieces that would glow at the touch of a finger. My love for IKEA actually developed because of their beautiful Lights Section. I remember spending nearly an hour and a half looking at lamps and figuring out which one to buy. The hubby, thankfully, is also a finicky shopper, hence we found our soul-mates in each other right there in the Lamps Section.

As I concentrated on clicking poorly framed photographs around lighting, natural and otherwise, I decided to make a lamp of my own. The inspiration for the lamp flared from a weird but well-designed origami the hubby made out of plastic bag-seal from the supermarket. After researching the internet and picking on other lamp enthusiasts’ brains, I formed a plan, spent exactly $15 on hardware that included the dome, lamp-base, metal scone, electrical links and bulb. Hence the Foil Haphazard lamp came into being.

Light still fascinates me. Every house I go to, the first thing I notice is the lighting in the rooms and the glow they cast upon every conversation in progress. I watch HGTV especially to get a peep at the beautiful contemporary chandeliers and bright backyards. Someday, I will finally be done with doing up my house and that day will find every room lit up in dazzling lights that will not be too bright but boast of character.

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