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Experimenting with Photography

Darkness intrigues me. I am a dark person. When ┬ásay that, don’t imagine me with a pound of dark eye make up and a hollow look on my face. I mean that I am very temperamental and until a year ago, I used to have mood swings and all those things that generally makes one fancy oneself to be the deep artsy genius. I am not that, I am just dark.
Amma's biriyaniSo it was only natural for me to be attracted to dark photography with partial lighting and deep background colors. So last afternoon, I decided to experiment with my camera. With all the dark light photography going on around the blogworld, it was time I caught up too! The results were not bad for a first-timer. But I do have a looooong way to go.

Amma made veggie Biriyani. Lots of madness followed, like clicking pics and eating it up like a crazed person. I will update with the recipe soon. Just drool over the pics for now!
Amma's biriyani2raita
Have a wonderful week, good people. Don’t let Monday bother you.