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Photography Styling Challenge- Fashion

fashion4I thought I was setting myself up for failure with this month’s styling challenge topic, Fashion. Although I am not all the way up there with couture and all the trend there is to keep up with, I can claim one thing with a clear conscience- I am not all that oblivious either. But styling for a full post that is going to revolve around that seven-lettered word intimidated me. I am not lying when I say that I started mulling over this concept since the February edition of PSC went up.

The first thing I decided on was my muse. Now, I know. A muse should come to you, you don’t get to make that choice. But mine is a very awkward, very shy model and I had to coax, threaten (which bordered on abuse) and bribe him with Thai Red Curry to agree. So after blackmailing him for a few days, the hub-man finally gave in. There was only one problem- he couldn’t care less about fashion. He is oblivious to trends (why shouldn’t he be?) and if it wasn’t for me, his wardrobe would be full of clothes that fall under one of the four color categories- black, white, grey and blue. Although he does end up looking good in what he wears most of the times, I am a color person.
fashion2We had a couple of beautiful days last weekend, thank you, Alabama. So we made the most of the Saturday by going to the park. Apart from getting wonderful shots of Little Miss Bee, I managed to get satisfactory shots of my muse flaunting his shades. I admit that this shoot bordered on minimalism- no extra props and all that- but it came out better than we feared it would. I had to catch Kishore unawares a couple of times but I ended up with good pics.
fashionfashion3I always knew that we were an awesome team! 🙂

Ps: my hovering image probably killed the first picture. I must learn to fade out of my pictures while shooting shiny stuff.

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Photography Styling Challenge- Morning

I am beside myself with excitement! I have joined a very interesting photography challenge hosted by Redesigned by M and this is my first entry for it. The challenge basically has two objectives (please pardon my academic vocab. Been writing too many assignments!): to develop styling skills for my photo shoots and to get to know my camera better so that I use it to its fullest extent. I got introduced to this challenge by another amazing blogger and supermama, Anjana of At the Corner of Happily Harried so I have to thank her for it.

I wish I could say I have been clicking away happily, preparing for the challenge for the past two weeks, but then, I would be lying. I have been trying to get my never ending load of assignment done before end-of-term exams happen this week and whatever time I have after that has been solely dedicated to my overactive baby girl (who by the way, looooooves chewing on my fingers lately). So I looked at the calendar yesterday, freaked out when I realized that I have done nothing  for the challenge and decided to do the photo shoot early today morning.
morningMy extensive research on Pinterest did not come to my aid because neither does my bedroom have any brilliant morning light pouring through the windows nor does any other part of my house. The balcony, my eternal studio, was my only other option since I was too tired to venture out of the house. And as always, the location did not disappoint.

This particularly helped because according to the rules of this challenge, no editing can be done except for edge cropping and all photographs must be taken within the previous month of submission. You can read more about the challenge here. Although giving my beloved Photoshop a rest was cold, I woke up to the awesome stuff my camera could do. I played around with the aperture, exposure and  ISO, and imagined myself back in my Undergrad class, studying photography with a manual (yes, completely manual) SLR camera that belonged to Appa.

So this entry, as all my entries on my blog are, is about food. I made a quick Microwave Cinnamon Roll Fake-out French Toast and coffee. I will not tell you who had what and what was discarded but the French Toast, which was inspired by a post on Prudentbaby, came out so well! If you need the recipe for my version, give me a holler.
morning2Not the brightest of the pics, no? I guess that’s one of the epiphanies I was supposed to have by doing this challenge. Next month’s theme is  Bedroom. Hey, do any of you good people want to rent me your bedroom for one morning or do I have to bite the bullet and clean mine?!

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Thank You, Ina!

If you’ve been following my blog for sometime now, you will know that I worship the ground Ina Garten treads. She makes the most amazing food, is the kind of hostess I’ve always fantasized I would be and she knows that intricate method of entwining rustic and elegance which she does with a panache. All that put together with that very cute relationship she shares with her husband, Jeffrey, makes Ina the most adorable person on television (Sheldon Cooper sufferes a narrow loss but he will survive).

This treat is an adaptation of her Outrageous Brownies, one of the featured Food Network desserts. Featured is the channel’s way of saying that they are unabashedly proud of and the pride is well-justified. I baked half the quantity and made a couple of changes that were inevitable due to (un)availability of things at the store and my pantry but I promise, Ina, that I used the most premium products available in the market.

I made these brownies as a hostess gift and that’s why they are all dressed up and ready to roll (into the gift bag). Making these brownies has also been a challenge to me and I don’t mean the whipping up part. The challenges were of two kinds: restraining myself from eating them, thanks to my intense work-out program (oh, we will need a longer blog post if I start on that!) and styling the brownies up into giftable treats.

I did taste a piece (with my own recipe for icing) and I cried a little. They were so perfectly gooey, crunchy and decadent all at the same time that they might as well be my long lost love that I was never destined to have.The Mister, of course, is jealous… of me. Apparently, he wanted them to be his long lost love.

Icing Recipe:


Quarter Cup Evaporated Milk

Half Cup Sugar

One Cup Chocolate Chips

One tsp Vanilla Essence

Two Sticks (1 cup/ 8 oz) Butter


Bring the evaporated milk, sugar, butter and vanilla essence to boil. Switch off the heat. Add the chocolate chips. Stir until it melts. Slather on, baybay!

Ps: see the new changes?