Delicious World of Chefette Spicy

formerly Ladles and High Heels

The Design

Long ago, in what seems like another world, I used to make it a point to kick some Photoshop-ass. Everyday. Man, it felt so good that for a while that I thought I would make a career out of it. And then that ended. Everyone informed me that I had a way with words but in reality, it was more of a coin toss situation.

I needed a job after my education and the organization I applied to had only two posts to offer: Graphic Designer and Copywriter. All the GD posts were filled and I did very well on the other interview. So my proverbial fate was sealed (pardon the cliché, I am not trying too hard with words at the moment). All that changed because becoming a blogger automatically brought me back to experimenting with .PSD. This is particularly an advantage to me because when it comes to design, I find myself getting tired of the monotony pretty quickly. Hence, I am one of those people who constantly gives her blog a refreshing change in the form of a banner.

This page records the evolution of’s creativity, visuals-wise. To kick-start this project, I give you four images of what the banner used to be, became and has ended up being. Although professional designers would have a mile-long criticism regarding the aesthetics and ergonomics of my designs, I should confess that I always feel awesome every time I design. Anything.

Exhibit number 1:

ladles.jpgBack in early 2011, while LH was going through a huge identity crisis, I was also suffering from a low point in my creativity. Thanks to Google search and conveniently designed fancy brushes on Photoshop, I did my best at a personalized banner. Needless to say, it sucked! That was the moment I decided to bring back that much-needed Adobe Photoshop tutorial into my life. And “Fully Armed for the Jungle Out There”?? What?!
Moving on…

Exhibit number 2:
lh-banner-new.jpgClearly, Google image search for pumps was not working for me. I realized that from a failed Jimmy Choo incident while designing the second banner for LadlesAndHighheels (which I have decided not to upload here for your sake. I mean, how many crappy designs can you really take?). Hence, I gave in to the belated onset of creativity and went with a silhouette of a high heel shoe. Swapping the ladle for a whisk (shocker!) and eventually finding a pleasing color palette to work with were two things I embraced for this banner. Weirdly, in spite of the lack of a single focus image, I love this design. Also note the change in the tag line: This was when I decided not to delude myself further by thinking I know a thing or two about fashion. It worked!

Exhibit number 3:

blog header revamp 2Ah, the reign of Chefette Spicy: new theme, new name and better photographs. It seems like only yesterday that I designed this banner but it has been a year! I finally went against the rule of design and found a “logo” that was hard to copy or replicate. The container filled with kitchen stuff (ironically, no ladles in there either) is a pic of my own stand at home. I also put an end to tag-lines, another strike against design (or advertising) rules, and adopted a fancy font. Although, I should confess: I must probably work on the name but Chefette Spicy has become an identity of sorts and I would only be an idiot to change that!

Exhibit number 4:

cropped-blog-header-revamp-2013.jpgThe present. I am not saying that I am entirely satisfied with this banner either but I have a feeling that I am getting somewhere and that is why I found the need to watermark this banner like I did the last time. Like the previous banner this is a tri-color palette too and the logo made a come back. Although I have swapped colors between the design and text, the banner pretty much reads the same as the last.
A couple of days ago, I was informed by a friend that this is a very strong banner for a food blog. She made me a happy home cook because I am honestly done with weak, frivolous designs for my labor of love. The new and revamped Chefette has indeed arrived!


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